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Apply for our Dining for Dollars program, and if approved, Undergrounds Cafe & Coffee House will donate 10% of the food and beverages purchased on the day to your organization! Once your fundraising period is approved, simply advertise to your supporters so they dine with us that day!
Dining for Dollars a great way to raise additional monies for charities, schools and sports teams. Read below for the complete fundraiser rules.


· Fundraisers must be approved in advance and hold a 501(c)(3)

· Fundraising periods can be any night of the week.

· You must reapply for a new fundraising period after each fundraising period ends. 

We ask that you wait 60 days between fundraising periods to allow for other groups to participate.

· Customers must notify our staff that they are dining to donate, before they cash out. 

· Group members may not solicit sales from other diners, either inside or outside the restaurant, or by standing in front of the restaurant, in the parking lot, or by going table to table.

· Catering receipts are eligible - so be sure to encourage local businesses to order on your donation date!

· Undergrounds Cafe & Coffee House will donate 10% of the food and beverages purchased on the collected checks. The 10% donation will not apply to guest checks that receive any coupon-specific discount or promotional certificate, nor will it apply to sales tax.

The 10% donation total is generated by your organization's fundraising efforts and there is no limit on how much your organization can earn!

So, get the word out to the community!  

Thank you for partnering with Undergrounds Café & Coffee House.

Let's get started!




Undergrounds Cafe & Coffee Houses will donate $5 from each $25 gift card purchased to your organization!

Raise funds for your schools, sports teams, community organizations and charities!



It's simple! Take orders for Undergrounds Cafe & Coffee House gift cards valued at $25 each. 

Once you have orders for at least 100 gift cards**, contact us to purchase these gift cards for only $20 each. The remaining $5.00 per card will go directly to your organization or cause!


Holiday themed gift cards are available, so be sure to keep us in mind for gift giving!


**Minimum of 100 gift cards must be purchased at one time by a single group to receive this special price.  Please allow 48 hours to create your order. 

Coffee fundraising by Undergrounds Cafe & Coffee Houses.

Coffee fundraising

Raise funds with our award winning coffee!



Coffee for your Cause is smart fundraising that makes dollars (and sense). 

Our flavored coffees are roasted right here in Akron, by Pearl Coffee Company, who has been serving Ohio for 100 years!

Our coffee is competitively priced to similar brands found in the marketplace and specialty shops to render higher returns for your organization.  And unlike other food items, coffee has a longer shelf life and no need to refrigerate. Coffee is a consumable product that’s already in most household budgets and people tend to buy more of what they know will be consumed!

More than 50% of adult Americans drink coffee daily. That’s 150 million daily drinkers consuming 400 million cups of coffee making the U.S. leading consumer of coffee in the world.   

Choose from a wide array of flavors and we can create custom labels to suit your organization too!  Allow 4 weeks for label artwork to be completed. *


Blueberry Cobbler

Coconut Island Fudge

Salted Caramel

Fudge Brownie

English Toffee


Java Jingle

Sugar Cookie



French Vanilla


Irish Creme

*Minimum order of 50 bags.  Minimum of 200 bags for custom labeling.

** Chose 8 flavors  for ease of selling

 Why Coffee for your Cause?

  • No inventory to manage, order only what you sell
  • Hand crafted house blends, flavored, and seasonal options, and a variety of bag colors to choose from
  • Build your own brand with custom label design and unique coffee blend name*
  • Exceptional product quality and value
  • Choose from whole bean, ground, regular, or decaf
  • Roasted fresh when your order is placed


How much money can you expect to make?
Our suggested profit per bag is $4.00. 

If a team of 15 participants sells 25 bags each, you’ll earn a profit of $1500.00!